From Scraps To A Potholder!

Every few months I sort through my scrap bag(s)… I can’t seem to waste anything….I never buy more than I need and I don’t have a big stash of fabric, I just purchase what I need for the project I’m making…but every project will end up leaving a few scraps behind. I love those scraps and find them precious in the way of memories..

My granddaughter Paige is now 13 years old but when she was born I made her a sweet baby quilt which she still has…It left me with some wonderful scraps that got smaller and smaller with each scrap project I found to use them on until…today I used the last of them to make a potholder/trivet for my kitchen table…the scraps from Paige’s baby quilt are now all gone.

It was a quick fun project that allowed me to use the new serpentine stitch installed on my Bernina with the most recent update…I knew it was there but had not found an opportunity to give it a try and this potholder/trivet was the perfect project….I call it a pot holder/trivet because it’s an odd size…when using creative! Don’t worry about boundaries…go for what is fun and brings you joy!

I stitched strips together and trimmed them… I had an old cotton sheet that I had cut into good pieces and used that for the back of my potholder/trivet…

I used serpentine stitch 1396 with my 9 mm stitch plate and just went down each seam..

I used thermal batting to insulate the potholder/trivet…

Once the quilting was done I rounded off the corners and cleaned up each edge…

I used the last of the scraps to piece together a binding …

I joined the binding so it just fit the potholder and looked continuous…

I love hand sewing so I stitched the binding down by hand..

All done and ready to use for Sunday dinner this weekend..❤️

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