Make A Machine Embroidered Greeting Card

Did you know there are design files you can purchase that are greeting cards? Well, there sure are! You can use your embroidery machine to create lovely greeting cards of any kind….❤️

Materials needed….

cut away stabilizer ( to fit oval hoop)

3/16 wide double stick permanent tape

Card Stock in your choice of color, texture ect…

rulers and rotory cutter and scissors

Two colors of embroidery thread in your choice…

60 weight bobbin thread

a 65/9 universal needle

I used design number 12557-22 Valentine’s Card from OESD

I used to design and print the inside message on my card

print off the pdf file in the zip folder that you dowload when you purchase your design and follow the steps … I have a video below to help you too….

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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