Some Bunny To Love, ITH

In The Hoop Project

An in the hoop embroidery project means a project will be applique’d or embroidered in the hoop… some ITH projects are done entirely in the hoop and some are done partially in the hoop and then finished on the sewing machine.

ITH designs are easy and fun and you just sit and watch your embroidery machine construct the project for you!

This project is an ITH design from Sweet Pea… it comes in two sizes and in this video I am making the larger size.

I’m using cotton fabrics, thermolamb fleece, cotton thread and Embroidery thread…I have a 90/14 needle in the machine and I am using Vilene water soluable stabilizer…

I printed off the PDF file that was in the design file I downloaded and simply followed the steps…

There are many many different kinds of ITH designs, even quilt blocks!

Have fun!

Part 1

Part 2

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