A Pretty Summer knitting Project..

I have always loved needlework… it doesn’t matter what kind or how difficult..I just love the feel of fiber in my hands and the process of seeing it become something special…

I’ve been a knitter for about as long as I’ve been a quilter which is I think nearing 50 years… I love to knit socks, wraps, sweaters, baby clothes.. I mean you name it and I will love it!

My best friend, Shirley, sent me a special gift for my birthday last February and in March I used it to purchase a pattern and the yarn to knit a lovely wrap that I’ve admired forever! It is the Kaw Valley Wrap pictured below…

The yarn is from Fabulousyarns.com in New York and is a blend of alpaca and silk… it is slightly bigger than fingering weight but is knitting up beautifully! The color is called “Ice”. It’s a very pale blue that sometimes, depending on the light appears to be a soft gray…

I cast on yesterday and am on the second chart for the first panel…the wrap has two panels consisting of three sections each. Each section is a gorgeous lace pattern… this is a charted pattern and I’m using size six needles so it’s really Lacey!

I am planning on knitting on this and a couple of other knit projects in the evenings this summer…

I hope your life is as full of beauty in fiber as mine..❤️

Kaw Valley Wrap

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