Sewing, Mail and Knitting! Oh MY!

This week has been a lovely week… Quiet and peaceful… I have been knitting and sewing and enjoying the days so much….

I made a little dress for my little friend Savannah Draper who is going on 4 years old and is my neighbor…. the pattern was super easy and I found it on Etsy for only a few dollars… it has many sizes and is very well designed… the Etsy shop is The Freckled Pear, the dress pattern is the Mayla Dress…My Bernina 770QE sailed through this project!

I had some seersucker fabric in my stash and it has now found it’s life in a cute dress for a little girl…

I ordered some gorgeous faux leather from Emmaline Bags and a one yard piece of fabric that I think will be a pouch or bag… the fabric is a bright and vibrant peacock feather print and the Mora faux leathers I ordered are yummy grades of teal and blue and plumb…. I know I’ll have fun with this one!!!

I have really made progress on my Kaw Valley Wrap this week and have one whole panel finished and am on the second section of the second panel… I plan to block both panels when they are done and joined and then I’ll start on the lace edging… this is such a rewarding project…
At first I thought it would take me most of the summer but I think I will have it done before mid summer easily…. love this gorgeous yarn and pattern!

I hope you are all having a good week and a Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Sewing, Mail and Knitting! Oh MY!

  1. Beth the dress is beautiful, I know she will enjoy wearing it and will get lots of comments! I love the knitting project! what a gorgeous pattern!


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